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Dog Bite Injury LawyerAt Dale R. Rose in McKinney, our lawyers help the victims of dog bites and other animal attacks prove personal injury claims and collect compensation. Our clients include small children attacked in public parks or in neighborhoods, people bitten while working in delivery or home installation jobs, and others who have undergone the frightening and painful experience of a serious dog bite.

Contact us for a free consultation about the best ways to protect your legal, medical, financial and practical interests after a dog attack. We know about the physical and psychological trauma associated with animal bites, especially for children. We also know how to develop and work with the evidence necessary to establish liability against the animal’s owner and recover financial compensation for the full range of your losses.

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Understanding the Texas Law Relating to Dog Bite Claims

In many states, the owner of an animal involved in an attack is considered strictly liable for any resulting injuries. In other words, the injured person does not need to prove negligence or a known pattern of aggressive conduct on the part of the animal. Once the identity and ownership of the animal are proved, it only remains to prove the amount of the injured person’s losses, such as medical expenses, time away from work, disfigurement, and pain and suffering.

Texas law is different. In most cases, it is necessary to show that the dog was known to be aggressive or dangerous as of the time the person was bitten. If there is no information to suggest that the owner was on notice that the animal could hurt somebody, the victim may have a hard time collecting damages. This feature of Texas law is often known as the “one free bite rule.”

We know the law – Even if the dog involved in an attack had no previous pattern of aggressive behavior, you might still have a case for damages based on violations of local animal control ordinances or other ways to prove the owners negligence. Although these local regulations vary a great deal from one community to another, some of them specify that certain breeds — pit bulls, Rottweilers and other dogs with fierce reputations — need to be handled in particular ways within city limits. Proof that the owner failed to satisfy these requirements could open the door toward liability for someone injured by the dog.

Don’t Wait to Get Medical Treatment for Dog Bite Injuries

If you or a family member has suffered a dog bite, get medical attention as soon as possible. In the less serious range of cases, there is still the danger of infection. In the worst cases, prompt treatment will help minimize scarring and other problems with recovery. Especially in attacks involving child victims, you should pay close attention to the child’s mood and personality in the days and weeks following the attack. The psychological effects of an animal attack can be serious and long lasting.

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