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Dog Bite Injuries Must Go Beyond Puncture Care

Do you know how many pathogenic bacteria are living in the mouths of dogs? Published accounts put it in the thousands. But those pathogens are just one cache of problems that comes part and parcel with dog bite injuries. The potential for developing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is unfortunately another. It’s commonly seen as a condition known to inflict emergency personnel, members of the military and law enforcement. However, it may arise in animal attack victims as well.

Dog Bite Injuries Must Go Beyond Puncture CareProof of its prevalence in injured populations may be found in a number of published documents from the 1990s through the mid 2000s. Examples include studies from issues of Pediatrics, Adolescent Psychiatry and Contemporary Pediatrics. They all make mention of the disorder and how its symptoms may manifest themselves in people under the age of majority. This is not to say that adults aren’t capable of experiencing those symptoms too.

Accordingly, the way that the symptoms present themselves may vary but the criteria for making a diagnosis among people who’ve experienced dog bite injuries remains the same. And we might add that the disorder may impact the lives of dog bite victims right up until their deaths. So, the costs of therapy sessions and medications needed to treat the disorder often have a way of adding up.

In addition, the medications used to provide dog bite injury victims comfort may not be medically appropriate for all people. Plus, they tend to have side effects that may cause animal attack victims to experience further difficulties. Let’s take alpha-blockers as examples. Frequently used to control the body’s flight or fight response, they may give dog bite victims hives, headaches, respiratory problems, chronic fatigue and gastrointestinal distress.

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